Blippar’s machine learning tech can identify cars better than you can

Do you think you know cars?

Well, Blippar’s new machine learning technology is ready to take you on, as the augmented reality/visual search company is today announcing automotive recognition tech.

In other words, Blippar’s AI can identify the make, model and year of any U.S. car made in 2000 or after, even if the car is moving under 15mph.

Blippar originally launched as an AR platform for brands and publishers. Using a little tag (a Blipp), brands could identify content like a label of a Ketchup bottle or an ad in a magazine that users could scan with their phones to reveal extra augmented reality content.

The company has since pivoted to focus on visual search. There are plenty of things you see in the real world that are difficult to describe via text in a Google Search, such as flowers or items of clothing or an unfamiliar animal.

The company has spent the last year building out that visual search engine to identify generic objects — a table, a chair, a cup, and so on — and has laid the foundation to dive into specific verticals for visual search.

That begins with this automotive identification technology.